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After the success gathered in 2019, Jekko won’t miss out on Bauma 2022, which will take place in Munich on October 24th through 30th.

Our exhibition space (outdoor area FS, booth 903/6) will spread out on a 512-sqm surface that will be set up with 5 containers in line to result into two-floor structure housing offices for meetings, a hospitality zone and a reception-living area where customers and dealers will be greeted. The containers that will be used have been salvaged and refurbished on purpose for this show and will be later installed in our headquarters in Italy and destined to become a new customer training area thus sticking to our corporate sustainability scheme, developed in 2021 and implemented since January 2022.

Jekko’s machines on display at Bauma are designed and developed to be user-friendly, that is easy to use and to understand, suitable to be used by both beginner and skilled operators.

The entire Jekko range can always be operated in electric mode as all the machines on display at Bauma will show: the SPX minicrane line is powered by lithium-ion batteries, the MPK minipicker range has acid-lead batteries while the JF articulated crawler cranes are bi-energy machines combining a diesel engine with an electric motor.

Bauma 2022 will also be a showcase for the latest additions in each line of models: the SPX328 in the SPX range that will be officially unveiled on September 20th; the JF235 in the JF line; the MPK10 and MPK20R in the minipicker range.

Jekko will also showcase other models from the above lines:

  • Minipickers: MPK06 and MPK10 fitted with their manipulator
  • SPX: SPX532 equipped with JVM800, SPX650 set up with tools JIB500GR and SPX1280
  • JF: JF545 with 2-man basket and JF990
  • Tools: suction cups JVL450 and JVL600 with trolley, manipulator JVM800, JIB500GR and 5-, 10-, 20-ton lifting beams.

For this 33rd edition of the show, Jekko focuses on innovation and progress, two crucial values for the challenges that the company has decided to tackle in the current years in order to strengthen its position as sector leading player.


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